Impact Air Press

Impact Air Presses are designed to deliver a high impact blow from 2 tons to 30 tons and have energy capacities from 1/10 inch – ton to 1 inch – ton. They are suitable for all types of pres work such as punching, crimping, reverting, piercing, pressing, cropping, coining, forming, impact extruding, sizing, marking etc.

For a fraction of all capital outlay, the impact air presses provided in it-self a power. Unit capable of motivating an infinite variety of press work application, conventionally carried out on machinery such as Fly Presses, Kick Presses, Drop Presses, Crank Presses etc.

Infact many application benefit from impact working as the high tool velocity and rate of energy application can produced results such as cleaner edges when cutting and improved grain structure when forging.

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